Tuesday (March 02)
10 a.m.
CMC Auditorium
Forum 1
Media Conference: Mock Polls and the Next President—A Paperless Election in UP; Winners; Voter’s Choices and Reasons. Challenges of and Demands on the Next President
Department of Journalism

1 p.m.
CMC Auditorium
Forum 2
PolEthics, Petiks: Mass Media Ethics and the 2010 Elections (Mr. Lito Banayo)
Department of Communication Research

Wednesday (March 03)
10 a.m.
CMC Auditorium
Forum 3
The Filipino Cinema in the 1990s (Dr. Nicanor Tiongson)
UP Film Institute

1:30 p.m.
CMC Auditorium
Journal Launching of the 13th Issue of Plaridel (Dr. Aleli Quirante)
Office of Research and Publication

3 p.m.
SportsFest: Philippine Games (Students, Faculty, and Staff)
CMC Student Council

Thursday (March 04)
9 a.m.
Media Center TV Studio
Forum 4
COMELEC: The Computerized Elections of 2010 (Mr. Jaime JimenezO
Commission on Elections

5 p.m.
Alumni Center Bowling Lanes
SportsFest: Bowling (Students, Faculty, and Staff)
CMC Student Council

Friday (March 05)
10 a.m.
CMC Auditorium
Forum 5
On the Campaign Trail (Ms. Cheche Lazaro)
Department of Broadcast Communication

7 p.m.
Aldaba Lim Hall
Diliman Classics (Prof. Victor Avecilla)

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