By Lowell Fredrick Madrileño

Council Composition: 10 START-AIT (Student Action for a Responsive Leadership in Tourism-AIT)

Chairperson: Karen Claire Chan (START-AIT)

College Representative: Juan Carlos Danganan (START-AIT)

2010 Voter Turnout: 61.14% (236 of 386)

2010 USC Chairperson: Gabriel G. Villamil (KAISA)

Political Background:

START-AIT, the dominant political party in AIT, was founded by Carl Francis Castro along with Emil Tapnio, Primo Morillo, and Abdel Disangcopan in 2006.

After a year, START took 7 positions in the AIT-SC. In 2009, 11 out of START’S 12 candidates positions in the AIT-SC. In the 2010 elections, Juan Carlos Danganan, AIT’s current college representative, defeated Nikki Nicolas of STAND-UP, the sole non-START candidate in AIT. Marck Bryan David, former AIT-SC chairperson topped the race for USC Councilor in the same year and is currently running for USC chairperson.
START is affiliated with the university-wide party, KAISA.

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