by Arianne Christian Tapao

The College of Human Kinetics (CHK) stays yellow-dominated as Bukluran ng mga Iskolar-Atleta Tungo sa Progresibong Aksyon (BATAK-CHK) ensured nine out of 14 slots in the 2014 Student Council elections held Thursday.

Previously unopposed, the local arm of Nagkakaisang Iskolar para sa Pamantasan at Sambayanan (KAISA) competed against a newly-formed independent party, Kabataang Iniaalay ang Lakas at Suporta sa CHK (KILOS-CHK) this year.

BATAK-CHK remained unchallenged for Chairperson as Isabel Fernandez got 200 votes while 35 abstained.

Meanwhile, newly-elected Vice-Chair, Janica Francisco gained 135 votes and won over 35 abstains.

Aira Agustin from BATAK-CHK topped the list of five CHK Councilors, gaining 141 votes, closely followed by Janeva Duran at 140 votes, a candidate of the same party. Margarita Zavala, also from BATAK-CHK came third with 134 votes, followed by 127 votes for KILOS-CHK’s Erica Delmoro. Teresa Ramos of BATAK-CHK rounded up the list with 106 votes.

Four out of 6 department representatives came from BATAK-CHK, leaving KILOS-CHK with 2 seats.

ALYANSA’s lone candidate Roi Marcial is the new college representative to the USC after overpowering Independent candidate Dwight Reyes with votes of 152 and 44, respectively.

Voters’ turnout increased to 39.2% from last year’s 36.54%. Only 234 voted out of 597 registered voters in the elections.

CHK elections opened at 8:30 a.m. and closed at 5:33 p.m.


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